With the great support from the National Administrative Committee of Post-doctoral Researchers, the Ministry of Finance and Shanghai Post-doctoral Office, the economics post-doctoral program of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics was established in 1992. It was the first research base for post-doctoral education in universities for finance and economics and one of the first post-doctoral programs in the social sciences in China. In March 1999, two more post-doctoral programs were established in the university, approved by the 4th National Committee of Experts on Post-doctoral Scientific Research Programs, the Ministry of Personnel, and the National Administrative Committee of Post-doctoral Researchers. In October 2009, the post-doctoral program in philosophy was introduced, making SUFE the first university of finance and economics with a post-doctoral program in philosophy in China. The post-doctoral programs in Marxist theory and statistics were approved in 2012, and the post-doctoral programs in management science and engineering in 2014. To date, there are seven post-doctoral programs in theoretical economics, applied economics, business management, philosophy, statistics, Marxist theory, and management science and engineering established at SUFE.

The scientific research programs at SUFE have been giving full play to the advantages of the university in terms of the range of disciplines and scientific research. The crucial impact of the post-doctoral system on the selection and cultivation of young scientific researchers, the enhancement of talent exchanges and advanced scientific research achievements has been thoroughly demonstrated. Significantly underpinned by Shanghai Municipality as an international economic, financial and trade center, post-doctoral scientific research will be further promoted to educate high-quality comprehensive talent and enhance economic development.