The scientific research management at SUFE has the same mission as the university, which is to develop the university into a high-level research university specializing in finance and economics. Focusing on “promoting uniqueness and rising to higher levels”, the scientific research management has seized the major opportunities of the “Development Plan of Philosophy and Social Science in Colleges and Universities”, the “Plan of Enhancing the Innovation Ability of Colleges and Universities”, and the “Collaborative Development by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance and Shanghai Municipality”. With the goal to develop into a high-level research university, and an orientation towards increasing the ability of innovation and the skills and quality of scientific research, the university continues to strengthen the reform of the scientific research system. It has established an initial scientific research pattern of “combining breakthroughs with the commercialization of research findings”. It has laid a solid scientific and research foundation for developing the university into a high-level research university specializing in finance and economics.

Adhering to the view and approach for international development, the university actively integrates into the international academic environment, applies international academic and quality standards, encourages teachers to focus on international academic frontiers, and strengthens advanced academic research. Essays in theoretical economics have been published in all the top five international journals with American Economic Review included and highly praised by peers all over the world. Remarkable achievements in applied economics have been made in a variety of fields, including corporate finance, asset pricing, private equity and hedge funds, significantly increasing the international influence of the university. Many accomplishments in statistics have been achieved in modeling and application of complex economic data, dimensionality reduction of high dimensional data, big data mining and statistics and other domains, achieving wide recognition from international peers. The quantity, quality and impact of the SSCI/SCI essays published by the university teachers have sharply increased, significantly enhancing the international academic influence and overall competitiveness of the university.

The university actively merges science with education and promotes students’ awareness of innovation in scientific research, creative thinking and innovation abilities by implementing a variety of strategies, such as organizing and funding students’ independent research with self-selected topics, and participating in major research programs, academic exchange and communication at home and abroad, and social investigation and practice. The quality of students’ academic essays has improved significantly.

In recent years, the quantity, scale and quality of the academic activities held by SUFE have all been greatly enhanced. This has inspired innovation in scientific research, facilitated the development of a healthy academic atmosphere and campus culture, and further improved the national and international academic influence and reputation of the university.

The system and organizational structure of the Academic Committee has been further improved. As demonstrated in the “Charter of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics” issued in April, 2014, the Academic Committee is the highest academic organization in the university and exercises decision-making, examination, and consultation rights on academic issues. The 6th (new) Academic Committee was established in October, 2014, in strict accordance with the “Rules for Academic Committees at Institutions of Higher Education” issued by the Ministry of Education, which has laid a solid foundation for further development of the academic management system that meets the requirements of modern universities.