The Library of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has so long a history that could be traced back to the library of Shanghai Commercial College, which was founded in 1921 and attributed to Southeast University. Since the resumption of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 1978 and under the guidance of the basic line of the Chinese Communist Party, our library has achieved a great progress with the rapid development of the university’s educational course. In 1978, a new library with a total area of 3,000 square meters was founded in the campus of North Zhongshan No1.Road and it has become a branch library at present. And in 1988, another new library was built with a total area of over 8,000 square meters in the campus of Guo ding Road. And in 2006, a new library in Wu Chuan campus was completed and open to readers, the modern library has a space over 30,000 square meters and more than 2,000 reading seats, and it is our chief library now. There are 16 reading rooms performing different functions with daily service.

SUFE Library believes in that high quality academic literature resources nurture a robust all-round disciplinary development, thus it is striving to translate into its policy of collection development the value of drawing collaboration through one’s own characteristics while enriching the characteristics themselves through wide collaboration. Up to now the total collections of our library is composed of its stock of all kinds of resource reaching over 2,500,000 include 2,070,000 books, 2,000 kinds of newly-published newspapers and periodicals both in Chinese and foreign languages and 112 database. At present the Library has a characteristic “5 plus 1” collection system, which consists of the Literature Indexing Center, Datacenter for Financial & Economic Statistics and Analysis, Datacenter for Financial & Economic Articles, Course Reserve Center, Datacenter for International Financial Organizations and plus the Special Collection Library of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises Literature.

As one of the main constructing items of our university's 211 project, our library has been equipped with computerized management system. So it can be used to administer nearly all the routine programs automatically. Through connecting to the campus LAN, the library’s LAN is able to link up with the China Educational and Research Network (CERNET) and the INTERNET. On the LAN, we have constructed a bibliographic database both in Chinese and foreign languages reflecting characteristics of the library's collection and a information retrieval system.

The Library values to keep close relationship with the other university libraries here in Shanghai and all around China; and plays a crucial role in deepening the collaboration among the libraries of financial and economic colleges and universities. In addition, the Library is also actively engaging in the co-construction and sharing of services and information resources for the local libraries.

SUFE Library, being outward-looking in mapping out its development strategy, has been actively engaging in a wide collaboration with top university libraries from abroad, such as Libraries of University of North Carolina at Greensboro, City University of Hong Kong, University of West Virginia and Queen’s University.

The SUFE Library will keep borrowing mature experiences from high-level academic libraries at home and abroad while appreciating the big picture of SUFE’s overall strategic plans, and embrace the opportunities presented by the Library Reengineering. Specifically, the Library will put collection development and a high-caliber team of subject-oriented services at its core; remain finely tuned to the patrons’ diverse and nuanced needs, and be open to new ideas. It will take on a new look in terms of the characteristics of its collections, a highly specialized team, services under scientific accountability, a well-integrated IT infrastructure, and a streamlined and dynamic management, just to name a few.

SUFE Library is right here, willing to go the extra miles, to meet you in the future!



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