In recent years, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has focused on developing an outstanding team of talented individuals, utilizing outstanding foreign talent to make a true breakthrough in its development. It is actively seeking to merge into the international world, establish itself firmly in national conditions, and discover approaches for reform that follow university conditions. In these aspects, it has achieved remarkable results and reformed in an innovative and high-level manner.

The recruited overseas deans act as an exemplary role model for the university. With the experience of the overseas deans and overseas resources, the university implements a set internationally-accepted course curriculum, talent training, and teaching and scientific research management according to international high-level university standards. At the same time, with the deans’ academic influence and connections, a smooth channel and harmonious atmosphere have been created, largely increasing the overseas talent at the university. The deans are actively playing a leading role as reforms occur in aspects such as discipline construction, talent introduction, curriculum system, administration, talent training, and employment.