Shanghai University of Finance and Economics strives to promote quality education for comprehensive talent and adheres to moral education and connotative development. In addition to organizing a variety of literary, art and sports activities, implementing quality development projects and programs of innovation and entrepreneurship, the university has established and perfected a long-term mechanism of social practice and voluntary service, thereby creating a healthy cultural atmosphere within the university.

Academic Lectures

As part of the Jiashen Forum, well-known experts and scholars from various fields are invited to lecture at the university. With topics covering modern-day science, natural science, humanities and arts, moral integrity and so on, a cultural atmosphere spreads throughout the university. From the universe and life to electronics and science and technology, from biomedicine to manned space programs, from literary epics to wise philosophies, the Lectures of Science and Humanities sees keynote speakers from various fields of authority explain profound subjects in simple terms and share their in-depth research with the teachers and students of SUFE.

Cultural Activities

The College Cup is a large sports competition consisting of six events in basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, table tennis and tennis. Whilst providing a varied extra-curricular life, the activities also promote a strong and healthy physique and improve students' sense of competition and teamwork ability.

The Echo Music Season is a music event that hopes to make all students at SUFE more aware of music culture. Based on the theme of echoes, the music clubs hold a special performance throughout the event, with the climax being a large competition for the top ten singers.

The SUFE International Cultural Festival, formerly known as International Cultural Day, is a major brand cultural event for the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The event continues the excellence of previous occasions and keeps innovating. Various activities have been gradually added to the event, including the International Food Carnival, artistic performances, the Overseas Students Innovation Contest, an exhibition of world cultures, the Chinese and Foreign Youth Forum, a fun sports carnival, etc. It was first held in 2001, and changed its name to the International Cultural Festival in 2014.

With the mission of integrating world cultures and developing a harmonious and international university, the festival is held with a different theme every year, seeking to present cultures from different countries through various student activities and facilitate communication between Chinese and overseas students. The aim of cross-cultural communication is to broaden students' perspective, introduce diverse cultures into the university, and pave the way for a harmonious and international university.