Internet Services

The Educational Technology Center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, founded in September 1999, is an educational auxiliary body directly subordinate to the university. It serves as an indispensable part of the university’s public service system. The center is responsible for the comprehensive establishment, management and service of the university’s fundamental network platform and digital teaching resources platform.
Tel.: 65903892
Add.: Educational Technology Center, Guoding Road campus

Medical Health Center

The Medical Health Center is the university's internal medical service center, providing services for all students and staff of the university. Health care and outpatient services, including internal medicine, surgery and gynecology, are the main services provided.
Tel.: 65904201
Add.: Medical Health Center, 777 Guoding Road
Opening Times: 8:00-11:20, 13:00-16:50

Student Canteens of SUFE

I. Guoding Road Campus

1.Green Leaf Restaurant
This is a Cantonese canteen, mainly providing Cantonese and Hong Kong food. The specialties include char siu and roasted duck with rice, char siu and soy sauce chicken with rice, Hong Kong style braised pork with rice, char siu pastries, creamy custard buns, salted egg yolk custard buns, pickled mustard cabbage with braised pork belly, pork trotters in soy sauce, etc.

2.Halal Restaurant
The Halal Restaurant, featuring northwest Chinese-style beef and lamb as the specialties, is available for all students and staff of the university. The specialties include hand-pulled noodle soup with beef, noodle soup with lamb, lamb rice, big plate chicken, stewed lamb casserole, pan-fried beef buns, marinated meat in baked buns, lamb skewers, beef dumplings and lamb dumplings, etc.

II. Wudong Road Campus

1. The Third Canteen (The New Canteen)
This is a canteen with various Chinese food. A cafe and a bakery are located on the underground floor. The ground floor mainly offers Chinese snacks and pastries with the specialties including noodle soup with braised pork chop, sour and spicy rice noodles, noodles with soybean paste, sizzling beef and picked pepper with rice, sizzling fried squid with rice. The first floor provides Chinese fast food that is mainly Sichuan and Hunan cuisine. The specialties include spicy dry pot, fish fillets in hot chili oil, shredded pork with garlic sauce, spicy chicken, braised duck with shredded konjak, duck blood in chili sauce, clay pot rice, etc. The second floor offers a Chinese buffet with the specialties including salted chicken, stewed duck in soy sauce, steamed fish, braised prawns, twice cooked pork, etc.

III. Wuchuan Road Campus

1. Xinyuan Restaurant (Shenghuan Restaurant included)
This is a comprehensive fast food restaurant with Sichuan-style hotpot, hot and spicy soup, and various casseroles as part of the specialties.

Every canteen on each campus provides no less than 20 different dishes for both lunch and supper.nghai Municipality have passed the review.