About SUFE

Name   Title   Tenure
Cong ShuhaiChairperson of the University Council   2012.6~2018.9
Fan LimingPresident   2012.6~2017.11
Ma QinrongChairperson of the University Council   2004.7~2012.6
Tan MinPresident   1998.12~2012.6
Tan MinChairperson of the University Council   1998.4~2004.7
Tang YunweiPresident   1993.11~1998.12
Pan HongxuanChairperson of the University Council   1991.10~1998.4
Tang YunweiVice President   1991.10~1993.11
Jin BinghuaChairperson of the University Council   1991.2~1991.10
Jin BinghuaPresident   1988.7~1991.10
Ye LingenChairperson of the University Council   1988.7~1991.2
Ye XiaoliVice President   1986.9~1988.7
Jin BinghuaChairperson of the University Council   1985.10~1988.7
Zhang JunyiDean, President   1984.8~1986.9
Ye LingenVice Chairperson of the University Council   1984.8~1985.10
Guo SenlinVice Dean   1983.2~1984.8
Wang XingjiuVice Chairperson of the University Council   1983.2~1984.8
Yao NaiChairperson of the University Council   1979.1~1984.8
Yao NaiPresident   1979.1~1984.8
Hu YuanshengVice Dean   1964.11~1966
Hu YeVice Chairperson of the University Council   1963.1~1966
Lu MuyunDean   1960.9~1964.11
Wang WeicaiChairperson of the University Council   1962.4~1962.10
Lu MuyunChairperson of the University Council   1960.9~1962.4
Shen Yujie Chairperson of the University Council   1958.6~1958.8
Yao NaiDean   1953.2~1958.8
Yao NaiChairperson of the University Council   1952.8~1958.6
Sun YefangDean   1951.1~1953.12
Chu BaoyiDirector of College Affairs    1949.8~1950.12
Zhu GuozhangDean (National Shanghai Institute of Commerce )                   1946~
Pei FuhengDean (National Shanghai Institute of Commerce )                  1933.8~
Xu PeikunDean (National Shanghai Institute of Commerce )                 1931~
Chen ZhenjiDean(Fourth Sun Yat-sen University Business School )                 1927~
Ma YinchuProvost    
Yang XinfoDirector of Business Department(Nanjing Higher Normal School )                  
Guo BinwenPresident( Shanghai University of Commerce)                   1921~1925