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First Class | This time we are on schedule !


At 8:00 a.m. on September 7th, the familiar and pleasant music bell breaking the silence of the campus. After 245 days, the first class of the new semester, which had been missed for a long time, came on schedule.

Igor Zheng was a Brazilian undergraduate student of grade 2018, his first lesson was the History of Western Art by Mr. Sun Naishu. In the class, Mr Sun explained what art is, and he also talked about the history of western art from cave murals to realism before the middle ages, and then to innovation after that.Igor said," When I finally heard the familiar music bell, I was so moved. Nine months later, I finally returned to our campus. I also hope that the overseas pandemic can be under control as soon as possible, and my friends can return to the classroom to learn and communicate with each other."

SUFE leaders Xu Tao, Jiang Chuanhai, Xu Fei, Chen Hong, Liu Lanjuan, Fang Hua, Yao Lingzhen, Zhu mingxiong also came into the classrooms to randomly listen to part of the courses and interact with teachers and students.

Chairperson of the University Council Xu Tao and the Graduate School management team came to the Scientific Research Laboratory Building for inspection. Today was the first time that the smart classroom had been used. In classroom B115, Mr. Fan Jianting of the College of Business is lecturing the International Business Environment for 2020 graduate students. Xu said that the smart classroom provided advanced teaching equipment, and we should make full use of these resources to provide better classroom experience for students.

President Jiang Chuanhai came to the library. He inquired about the opening and operation plan, the allocation of student self-study seats and lighting of the library in the new semester. He required the library to timely adjust the opening stategy according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and the change of students' needs.

Although Hu Jia and Guo Mingxin from the School of Public Economics and Management of grade 2019 had no class this morning, they went to classroom T1 of Guoding Road Campus to prepare for class after having breakfast in the canteen. They confessed that they had not been back to school for eight months, so they could not help feeling strange. When they looked at the timetable, they thought about the location of the classroom, so as not to run into the wrong place.

This was the third year of Aunt Cang, the administrator of the Second Teaching Building,in SUFE. Talking about the first class today, she couldn't hide her smile on her face with a mask. "The teaching building has been quiet for more than half a year. In fact, we miss our students very much when they are not here. Today, the teaching building is full of vitality. We are very happy to see them come back to class, our life and study are finally getting on track."

Due to the epidemic situation, overseas students can not go to SUFE campus in Shanghai. Joe Er Cassie Yap, a Malaysian undergraduate student of grade 2020, opened her first session of Intermediate Business Chinese course in SUFE online. During the class, Professor Wang Yongde introduced some basic facts of business Chinese. She said"For our freshmen, online class is still a relatively new way of teaching. Maybe some of the students have not adapted to the rhythm of the class, which leads to some problems in equipment connection, but they are solved very quickly. I hope the epidemic will end soon and we can get together with our classmates on campus as soon as possible."