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Warm Hearts, Passionate Volunteers - SUFE Students actively took part in voluntary public services during the winter vacation


The wise always help good causes. During this winter vacation, Sufers continued to uphold the socialist core values and actively practiced volunteer spirit. They made full use of the vacation to take part in a variety of voluntary public services. The school Youth Volunteer Service Corps, united with volunteer teams in separate schools, provided hundreds of students with opportunities of doing voluntary works.

Some students went to social public places all around Shanghai and strictly observed their duty in ordinary posts. Some visited local schools and families in poor villages. In the depths of the western mountains, SUFE postgraduate teacher support volunteers brought knowledge and care, which also brought warmth to them in the cold winter. When the left-behind children in the mountainous area enjoyed the video clips – introducing the life and culture in SUFE, elaborately made by volunteers from a public welfare project named dream-built” – their university dream was lit up. Small public welfare activities, such as venue service, community service, care of vulnerable groups, and teaching aid, not only brought warmth, but also enriched the students holiday life, enabling them to grow up in practice.

In recent years, volunteering programs in SUFE have expanded gradually – those of venue service having the most extensive participation. During the winter vacation, SUFE volunteers could still be seen in Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China Art Museum, and Lu Xun’s Former Residence. They helped guide the citizens and tourists visiting, obliged to provide explanation throughout the visitors’ experience, and helped the venue staff maintain order at the scene. While presenting the exhibition knowledge to the audience, positive energy about the love for science, the love for life, caring for others,and serving society was also spread.

The Young Volunteers team from the School of Information Management and Engineering has developed long-term cooperation with Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, regularly selecting outstanding young volunteers to participate in the venue service work for the aquarium. Winter vacation is the peak period for primary and secondary students to visit Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. Upon request, our school strengthened the effort to select volunteers and more SUFE youth joined the work of helping operate the venue. Some volunteers stayed at the entrance of the escalator for the whole day to urge tourists to pay attention to the steps; others were arranged in different venues to be responsible for maintaining the order at the scene and answering tourists’ questions. Volunteers were appreciated and praised by the museum and the public for their earnest and enthusiastic service.

In January and February, outside Lu Xun’s Former Residence, previously lush parasol trees have shed their leaves. On both sides of the street stand the houses, quiet and peaceful. In stark contrast to the tranquility outside, the number of tourists visiting inside the venue increases greatly in the winter vacation. In addition to domestic tourists, many foreigners come, attracted by its reputation.

The Young Volunteers team from the School of Statistics and Management, which has long-term cooperation with Lu Xun’s Former Residence, confronted hard work. Still, they explained heart-and-soul, endeavoring to answer every question proposed by tourists so that they could know about this former residence, know about Lu Xun, feel the track of history and feel the high revolutionary enthusiasm once there.

Shortly after the New Year of 2017, The Youth Volunteers team in SUFE immediately started organizing the recruitment for the winter-vacation volunteers at Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. Over serious discussions, volunteers finally determined “memory of childhood” to be the subject of this year’s volunteering service project at the museum. Under the influence of their memories of pure and beautiful childhoods, hundreds of SUFE volunteers joined the team of the winter-vacation service at the museum within only a few days. On February 14th, which is Valentine’s Day in the west, with no lively parties or romantic dinners, it was the first day of work. SUFE volunteers came to the museum – which was full of childhood memories – with their love. In the mysterious world full of scientific knowledge, they led tourists to walk through the places that were familiar to them one after another, walking through the world they once explored. Children were the majority of the visitors. Volunteers were very patient; in the face of children’s zeal for knowledge, they felt warm themselves.

At the same time, “The Inspirational Journey” project –organized by the Practice Department from SUFE’s School of Accounting –aimed at helping those in poverty, officially launched. Not afraid of the long distance, after several twists and turns, teachers and volunteers came to Qingshan town, Jinzhai county, Anhui Province, to know children’s life and home environment.

In the visit of three days, children led volunteers to visit the local high schools and their home. Gratifyingly, the facilities of the local schools were getting better, which enables students to have access to better education. However, during the site visits, volunteers found that most children lived in simple and crude houses; that their family financial situations were unsatisfactory; and that it was inconvenient for them to go to school. Although these children had described a little about their family situations in the summer holiday, volunteers felt rather sorry when seeing all this with their own eyes.

During this course, volunteers heard from children’s parents about the gains and changes brought by the activities of the summer vacation, so they could understand them deeper and communicate with them better. Luckily, the children did not quit because of a variety of difficulties; instead, they became more and more self-motivated.

Starting from 2014, “The Inspirational Journey” return visits in the winter vacation had undergone four periods. Return visits in the winter vacation were the continuation and inheritance of the Jin Zhai children visiting Shanghai in the summer vacation. In this activity, the School of Accounting selected three people to be sponsored targets, according to their situations, and have long-term help. Meanwhile, they will contact and strive for more social resources to provide more help for students in poverty.

Winter has passed quietly and warmth now comes. Volunteering activities are like sowing seeds in cold winter and young shoots growing in warm spring. Sir Lu Xun once said, “may Chinese youngsters be able to get rid of an air of cold, just by walking upwards and ignoring the stream of those who have abandoned themselves. Do as you can do, sound as you can sound. Make use of every heat to give out light. Just like a firefly, which can give out light in the darkness without waiting for a torch. We make ourselves heard in every place that needs it, then that is our light delivered.”

Translated by: Tang Zheying

Edited by: Dominic Graham  Zhang Boxin

Source: SUFE News