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【Graduation Season】SUFE Graduation Gala “Years Passing by as Songs”


On the evening of June 20th, the SUFE Graduation Gala titled Years Passing by as Song was held at the Badminton Stadium. SUFE leaders Fan Liming, Liu Yongzhang, Liu Lanjuan, Fang Hua, Jiang Chuanhai, Yao Lingzhen, and Zhu Mingxiong, along with a other school leaders and teacher representatives and more than one thousand graduates wearing a light-colored graduation shirts gathered together to recall the years that they spent in SUFE.

First graduates entered the Badmintion Stadium and took pictures in front of the huge graduation poster at the door, taking what perhaps would be the last photo of their four year journey. Then some bought graduation souvenirs at the Tongyuan Bazzar, while others happily looked for themselves on the smiley face wall.

Not long after the muscial festival began to enthusiastic cheers, as an aerial video led the audience to recall the four years they had spent at SUFE. In the Trio per Uno opening performance, three performers drummed together like a thousand clusters of flame burning in the night sky.

After that, the festival entered its first chapter: I'm Glad to Meet You. The Foreign Student A Capella Choir gave their rendition of Where Did the Time Go, which had the audience immersed in their own memories. As they smelled the aromatic grass and listened to the beautiful song, you could get the sense that everyone was feeling deep love and sincere gratitude for SUFE. Then the SUFE Orchestra played the tune, Yura Yura from the animation Naruto, and the Dance Club presented a powerful dance to See You Again. The night was full of passionate performances which all ignited enthusiasm from the crowd.

The party eventually moved cheerfully into its second chapter penned, Accompaniment is the Longest Confession of Love. The SUFE Choir pushed the festival to another climax through an a cappella of the songs Little Luck, and You Were Teenagers, which encited a roaring applause from the graduates and inspired many to “try everything;” because with unlimited potential, we must explore and do all that is possible.

Vigorous dance from the Dance Club had the audience on their feet and a performance from SUFEMAN had them laughing and gasping for air. But these shows did more than that; they shared with the audience the story of SUFE. Though some of that included boring memories of sitting through classes sleep deprived and stock numbers going up and down, it was a testament to just how much all the students had matured in only four  years.

As the festival reached its penultimate stage, President Fan Liming addressed the crowd wearing the flower of the volunteers who will serve in the western regions of China and the Graduate Voluntary Teaching Groups, sending them her best wishes. Volunteer representatives also said they would do their best to be good teachers for the students in remote mountainous areas, and try to forge an impactful experience for their youth. SUFE Singers and teacher representatives then came together to sing Our Song, an old song that again made people reminisce on memories they may have thought had faded away.

It was a bitter sweet ending as the day came to its final chapter: Saying Goodbye, the luck that we want to retain. Teachers from different schools together sang the song Miss You So Much, in which they told the graduates that they will always miss them as their students. Afterwords, the SUFE Chamber Orchestra performed, Viva La Vida. The festival ended with everyone singing the goodbye song together, as all the graduates were set to leave the campus and start their new journey.  

Youth is a song that will never end, no matter how much time has passed the lyrics will come as whispers in every ear, taking you into an ocean of memory. SUFE will forever be their home. Let us wish them a wonderful future. Goodbye!

Translated by Li Ruhui

Edited by  John Jackson  Zhang Boxin

Source : SUFE News