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Confucius Institute Council of Tallinn University of Estonia Holds the Fifth Meeting


On the morning of April 29th in Estonia, the fifth council meeting of the Confucius Institute at Tallinn University was held. In attendance at the meeting were: Priit Reiska, Vice President of Tallinn University and Co-chair of the Council; Tonu Viik, Dean of the Humanities School of Tallinn University; Yao Lingzhen, Vice President of SUFE and Co-chair of the Council; Sun Bing, Director of the Confucius Institute Office; Li Hong, the Director of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office; as well as Deans of the Confucius Institute. Vice President Priit Reiska hosted the meeting.

During the meeting, the Council reviewed and passed the Confucius Institute working report and financial accounts report of 2018 by the Deans of the Confucius Institute, as well as the working plan and financial budgets report of 2019. Council members appreciated the work done by the Confucius Institute in 2018 and gave high evaluation to their contributions on Chinese teaching and academic exchanges.

Priit Reiska held that 2018 was a year full of accomplishments. Tallinn University was satisfied with the cooperation with SUFE and expected further academic exchanges and cooperation with SUFE.

Yao Lingzhen, Vice President of SUFE, concluded that both universities can conduct multi-dimensional deep exchanges and cooperation in scientific research, students exchange and summer courses. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics will fully support the Confucius Institute’s Chinese education and cultural exchanges. 

During the council meeting, Tiit Land, President of Tallinn University, met with the delegation, and highly appreciated the achievements the Confucius Institute reached in 2018. He pointed out that 2020 would be the tenth anniversary of the Confucius Institute at Tallinn University and expected that both delegations can meet in Tallinn again to celebrate its tenth birthday and start a new chapter of cooperation between both universities.

During the visit to Estonia, the delegation visited the Embassy of China in Estonia and reported SUFE’s efforts to enhance education exchanges and cooperation of both sides to the ambassador, Li Chao. They also visited the Confucius Institute at Tallinn University and its teaching stands such as Tartu. On behalf of SUFE, they expressed consolation to Chinese teachers and volunteers working in the Confucius Institute and thanked them for their contributions on both universities’ exchanges.

Translated by Gu Zhixiang

Proofread by Dominic Graham

(From Confucius Institute Office )