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Foreign students from 43 countries become new SUFERS !


On February 22nd, in the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, foreign students came to International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) to register for the spring semester. As national flags fluttering, 194 students from 43 countries all over the world will start their journey in SUFE on Zhongshan Beiyi Road Campus,.

In order to enable the students to complete the registration smoothly and quickly, ICES optimized the process, each link of the registration was arranged in an independent room with clear division of functions and eye-catching logo, the waiting area was spacious with spare seats and provided with free hot water and coffee  Students came to apply for payment, visa and other matters were able to complete the registration quickly. In addition, the registration day was during the Chinese New Year of the Dog, the registration site was decorated with the Chinese festive traditional cultural characteristics of“福(Fu)”(happiness),which also enable the students to get a glimpse of the Chinese New Year.

From 8 o’clock in the morning, Chinese and foreign volunteers had already waited at the entrances, the stairs, the door of the classrooms and other sites for their services. The staff that were responsible for each link handled the registration procedures orderly and issued new student gift packs. The pack is filled with a list of major events, Student Handbook, WIFI guide, Study in SUFE and other materials, a gift to make SUFE a home away from home from the beginning.

After the completion of registrations, the school will continue to arrange a series of orientations to help the students adapt to the school life as soon as possible, and to become a member of the SUFE international family. 

(From International Cultural Exchange School)