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Another “111 Plan” Program—Accounting Reform and Development Innovation Talent Introduction Base


Recently, Accounting Reform and Development Innovation Talent Introduction Base applied by SUFE, has been approved by the Ministry of Education and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(SAFEA) to be selected as 2018 Discipline Innovation and Talent Introduction Program for Colleges and Universities (known as "111 plan"), It is the second program of SUFE to be included in "111 plan" after Economics Frontier Theory and Discipline Innovation Talent Introduction Base.

The 111 plan was a national foreign talent introduction program launched jointly by the Ministry of Education and SAFEA in 2006. By systematically introducing of overseas talents, focusing on the construction of disciplines with independent innovation abilities, the program aims to enhance the science and technology innovation ability and competitive ability of colleges and universities. The 111 plan mainly open applications for natural science. In 2016, for the first time, it is open for social science disciplines. Each college and university can only apply for one program per year. Up to now, there are 15 111 plan bases of Social Science in China, and among them 2 SUFE programs have been selected.

In recent years, the internationalization of SUFE has entered the fast lane, showing a trend of overall development with high quality. As an important support for Global SUFE strategy, foreign talent introduction continues to achieve new breakthroughs.

In 2015, as the first and the only university specialized in liberal arts,SUFE was included as part of "International Pilot School Implementation Program" launched by the Ministry of Education and the SAFEA. In 2017, SAFEA launched the The Belt and Road  Talent Introduction Program, SUFE became one of the first group of universities selected for the program, filling the blank of introducing foreign experts of Belt and Road countries, while making a breakthrough in the national and regional study. In recent two years, as one of the few universities specialized in liberal arts to be selected in the 111 plan , SUFE has highlighted the deepening of the the connotation of talent introduction and paying more attention to the quality, indicating that the internationalization of university development has stepped on a new journey.

SUFE has a number of foreign teachers who were also selected in the domestic top talent programs. From 2013, professor Mark Poustie and some other foreign professors have been selected as the Oriental scholar . In 2016, Vice Dean of International Pilot School Kees Koedijk and Canadian professor Opher Baron of Overseas Teacher Project was selected in Shanghai 1000-Talent Program short-term experts. In 2017, Nikolai Gravin from Russia has been selected in the national 1000-Talent Program for Young Outstanding Scientists.

The foreign teachers of SUFE also made contribution to boost Shanghai's economic construction and social development and were recognized by society. Professor JD. Steven D. Fieldman from School of Business won the 2014 Shanghai Magnolia Award, becoming the first foreign professor of SUFE to won the award.

Since the implementation of the Global SUFE strategy in 2013, the international construction of SUFE has been becoming more and more effective. We will take the chances of applying for national projects as opportunities to increase the introduction of high-level overseas talents and to contribute to the construction of internationalization and "Double First Class" .

(From International Exchange and Cooperation Office )