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A lecture on Transportation and Vehicle Safety for international students held


On the afternoon of November 28th, SUFE Security Department and International Cultural Exchange School organized a lecture on transportation and vehicle safety for international students in lecture room 117 in the Administrative Building. The lecture was presided by Cao Shunan, Deputy Director of the Security Department. Shen Qian, an officer of the Traffic Police Detachment in Yangpu branch, Shanghai Public Security Bureau was invited to deliver the lecture. More than 80 international students from different schools attended the lecture. Wang Ling, Party Secretary of International Cultural Exchange School Branch, Liu Bingyong, Deputy Party Secretary from the School of International Administration Business, Luo Shanhong, Deputy Party Secretary from the School of Law and counselors in charge of international students’affairs also attended the lecture.

Officer Shen Qian began the lecture with analyzing Convention on Road Traffic in Shanghai and Legal Guidelines for the Regulations of Non Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Traffic. By playing short videos of traffic management and analyzing cases of traffic accidents, he vividly explained that conforming to traffic rules is the basic guarantee of traffic security. After that, based on his experiences, He reminded the students to follow the Chinese traditions, driving to the right, staying on designed trails, passing priority and making sure your own safety. He emphasized that driving an unlicensed motor vehicle is forbidden and driving carefully and never drive after drinking. At last, Shen explained the purchasing standards and driving regulations of motorcycles as the number of motorcycles owned by the internationally students is quite large.

After the speech, Wang Ling, Party Secretary from the International Cultural Exchange School Branch, extended gratitude to Officer Shen. She expressed the hope that international students would purchase vehicles legally, drive carefully and improve the awareness of traffic security.

Cao Shunan, Deputy Director of the Security Department extended the hope that the students would learn about the laws, know the laws, obey the laws and develop a good habit of driving to make sure their own security.

Students had a discussion with Officer Shen on the discrepancies of traffic regulations in different countries and consulted about the driving regulations.

(Translated by Dong Xiaowen, From Security Department)