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The 14th Chinese Finance Annual Meeting held in SUFE


On October 28th, the 14th Chinese Finance Annual Meeting was held in SUFE. The meeting was sponsored by the Chinese Finance Annual Meeting and SUFE, and was organized by SUFE School of Finance and the Shanghai Institute of International Finance Center.

More than 660 financial experts and scholars from more than 200 universities and research institutions and about 300 SUFE teachers and students attended the meeting. The papers collecting received a total of 681 papers in English and Chinese from domestic and foreign scholars. According to the discussion of the academic group, the meeting invited 69 financial experts and scholars to form a review committee. After nearly a month of anonymous peer review, 172 papers were selected. At the same time, 63 experts of the annual meeting elected 1 paper for first prize , 2 papers for second prizes, and 3 papers for third prizes by secret ballot.

The meeting was presided by SUFE School of Finance Party Secretary professor Liu Liya. SUFE Vice President professor Jiang Chuanhai attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech; the Chairperson of the 14th Chinese Finance Annual Meeting committee Professor Shi Yongdong from Dongbei University of Finance and Economics and Secretary General, professor Zheng Zhenlong from Xiamen University also gave speeches to extend their congratulations on the opening of the meeting; Dean of SUFE School of Finance professor Wang Neng announced this year’s Excellent Paper Awards .

Professor Jiang Chuanhai,SUFE Vice President, delivered a welcome speech

Professor Shi YongdongChairperson of the 14th Chinese Finance Annual Meeting Committee

Professor Zheng Zhenlong, Xiamen University

 Dean of SUFE School of Finance, Professor Wang Neng

The keynote speeches are given by: Wei Shangjin,  N.T. Wang Professor of Chinese Business and Economy and Professor of Finance and Economics at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and Graduate School of Business; Xiong Wei, Trumbull-Adams Professor of Finance, Professor of Economics, Department of Economics and Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton University; He Zhiguo, a tenured professor of finance, Booth School of Business,the University of Chicago.

Professor Wei Shangjin, Columbia University

Professor Xiong Wei, Princeton University

Professor He Zhiguo, the University of Chicago

Professor Wei Shangjin made a report entitled Domestic Institutions and the Capital Structure of Nations, in which he analyzed the relationship between government regulation and corporate capital structure. Professor Xiong Wei, made an report on A Tale of Three Channels: Real Estate Shocks and Firm Investment in China, analyzing how the prosperity of China's real estate market in recent years affected the investment decisions of enterprises. He Zhiguo, made an report on Leverage-induced Fire Sales and Stock Market Crash,in which he analyzed the causes of the stock market crash of 2015.

On the afternoon of October 28th and the morning of October 29th ,172 authors made presentations of their papers in 43 classrooms, members of the meeting Council and experts were invited to served as chairperson and commentators of the venues.The themes of papers included information disclosure and corporate governance, corporate finance, China stock market, Internet banking, debt, family finance, behavioral finance, banking and finance, exchange rate fluctuations, capital flows, financial risk and risk investment etc.

List of Excellent papers:

The First Prize:

Leverage-Induced Fire Sales and Stock Market Crashes
Bian Jiangze ,University of International Business and Economics, He Zhiguo, University of Chicago, Kelly Shue, Yale University, Zhou Hao, Tsinghua University

The Second Prize:

Expropriation and the Sensitivity of Investment Reform to Cash Flow-A Natural Experiment from China's Split-Share Structure
Wang Zheng, California University

Spread Distortion and Optimal Financial Stabilization policy
He Guohua, Li Jie and Liu Yan ,Wuhan University

The Third Prize:

Optimal Capital Structure, Investment and Debt-Equity Swa
Yang Ei and Zheng Shaoxuan, School of finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Do Social Connections Mitigate Hold-up? Evidence from Relation-Specific Investment and Innovation in Vertical Relationships
Sudipto Dasgupta, Lancaster University and HKU, Zhang Kuo, Xiamen University, Chenqi Zhu, New York University

Can Investors Get Excess Returns by Listening? From the Perspective of Voice and Emotion Analysis of Executives of Chinese Listed Companies' Telephone Conferences
Liu Liya, Chen Ruihua, Min Min, Zhu Xiaoneng, School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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