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A glimpse of Kunqu Opera, the Kunqu Opera Appreciation Class


For the general education courses this semester, SUFE General Education Center invited Ms. Gu Haohao, famous Kunqu Opera actor, Director of Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, to give the students a Kunqu Opera Appreciation Class.

At the beginning of class, Ms.Gu asked the students who came to the lecture. "Did you choose this course ?" When she get the affirmative answer, Gu said she was very touched. She has been working as a Kunqu Opera actor for 31 years, and 31 years witnessed the process of Kunqu Opera from prosper to decline, and now to reproduce the glamours. The Kunqu Opera Appreciation Class connected this ancient and ever new art with the college students.

We must cultivate the audiences of our generation, as Kunqu Opera is usually based on literature, the audiences need some knowledge of literature for better appreciation, college students are our best potential audiences. Gu hopes that as the students promote their artistic accomplishment and aesthetic ability, drawing nutrition from the Chinese traditional opera culture, they can also become the outstanding Chinese traditional culture inheritors.

Different from a single lecture, Ms Gu and her team made a special design for their first curriculum in college. She said that Kunqu opera, which is known as “the ancestor of the hundred plays”, had a history of six hundred years and had nurtured several other operas, it has been listed in UNESCO's Intangible Heritage in 2001.

Delicate and beautiful, the Kunqu Opera emphasizes the feature of virtual stage. This course is mainly focused on popularization and appreciation, supplemented with practice.After this course, students can understand the basic artistic features of Kunqu Opera, classical repertoire,the characteristics of different performances and to appreciate the beauty of Kunqu opera from a relatively professional perspective. At the same time, through interaction, students learn about the interesting and fashionable part of Kunqu Opera. The course also offers some Kunqu opera singing, basic skills and body movements teaching.