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SUFE signs strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Institutes for International Studies


On April.13th, SUFE held a signing ceremony in the meeting room on the fifth floor of the Administration Building to sign astrategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Institutes for International Studies.A delegation of 8including the President of Shanghai Institutes for International Studies Chen Dongxiao, Vice president Yang Jian, Vice President Yan Anlin visited SUFE. President Fan Liming, Vice President Jiang Chuanhai, Vice President Yao Linzhen, President Assistant Zheng Shaohua and other relative leaders attended the signing ceremony . Vice President Jiang Chuanhai presided over the signing ceremony.


At the beginning, Assistant President Zheng Shaohua introduced the cooperation’s purpose and cooperation’s content. Afterwards, President Fan Liming and the President of Shanghai Institutes for international studies Chen Dongxiao signed astrategic cooperation agreement on behalf of each side. Both sides hope that this can be taken as a starting point and establish a close strategic cooperativerelationship.

President Chen Dongxiao made a speech after the signing ceremony. He pointed out that the cooperation between the two sides had turned a new page. The object of cooperation is grand and the road is clear. Meanwhile, specific steps are more crucial. President Chen elaborated on the basic conception of the practice of cooperativepath from highlighting the key points, realizing institutionalization and optimizing the allocation of resources, and he looked forward to the fruitful results yielded from the cooperation.

President Fan indicated that both sides had reached consensus about the principles, tenets and fields of cooperation and hoped that this cooperation could realize a mega-merger, serving the countrys major strategy and Shanghais development strategy. She analyzed respective advantages from both sides, hoping that the two sides could have complementary advantages and cooperative construction, and congratulated the two side on the reach of cooperation and expressedgratitude for President Chens enthusiasm and support. In the aspect of concrete implementation of cooperativework, she agreed with President Chen on his concept and proposed concrete implementation directions regarding working mechanisms, resource integration and personnel training.

Vice president Yao Lingzhen presided over the working discussion session. Vice president of the Graduate School Li Jingsong introduced the basic situation of the International Talent Training Program. President Assistant Zheng Shaohua put forward the fundamental conception of the organizational structure of the Shanghai International Institute and the International Institute of governance. Leaders present discussed these afterwards. Vice President Yang Jian proposed that understanding, utilizing, and reforming international institutes was an important element of the carrying out of the cooperativework.Both sides should also exert their own advantages, make combinatinginnovations and form “1+1>2 cooperative effects. The director of the Institute of World Economics from theShanghai Institutes for International Studies offered related advice on the technical operation level. Vice President Jiang Chuanhai showed his own viewpoint about finance and scientific research.


At last, President Fan Liming made a concluding speech. She emphasized that cooperative work should be personnel-training-oriented. To be more specific, work of selection of supervisors of Ph.Ds., selection of courses, establishment of the council and holding the opening ceremony of the institute should be implemented in different timings. President Chen also responded to that and looked forward to the results of the two-side cooperation.


Translated by: Tang Yingzhe

Edited by: David Switzer  Zhang Boxin

Source: SUFE News