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【Science & Humanities Forum】Academician Zhang Pingwen : The Models and Algorithms of Big Data Models and the Innovations


On the afternoon of April 14th, Zhang Pingwen was invited to SUFE and gave an impressive lecture on the mathematical models and algorithms of big data and the latest innovations. More than 200 students and teachers attended the lecture, and scores of students from Beijiao High School, the SUFE affiliated high school, were also attracted by the lecture. Vice Dean Xu Dinghua of the Mathematic’s School hosted the lecture.

Academician Zhang Pingwen is a Yangtze River Scholar, a Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and a Fellow of The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS). His research interests are primarily Modeling and Simulation of Soft Matter (Complex Fluids), Applied Analysis and Numerical Analysis, and Moving Mesh Methods and Applications. He is on the editorial board of SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis and other authoritative academic journals abroad. He was honored with the Feng Kang Prize of Scientific Computing in 1999, Second-prize of the National Prize of Natural Sciences in 2014 and First-Prize of the Seventh Youth Professors (Research) of Higher Institution supported by the Fok Ying-tung Education Fund.

Before the seminar, President Fan Liming and Academician Zhang Pingwen  held a friendly conversation over the development of disciplines and “Double World-class”. (edit note: I am assuming “Double World-class” – is a kind of ‘class”)

Academician Zhang started the presentation with the background of the age of big data and highlighted the algorithms and model of big data. And the algorithms can be divided into 3 categories as mechanism-based algorithm, data-based algorithms and mixed algorithms. He went through the concept of mechanism-based algorithms by the example of the development of Newton's law of universal gravitation. Then he exemplified data-based algorithm with computational advertising. He believes that the mixed algorithms will be promising in the future, as they can better meet with people’s demands.

In Q&A session, Academician Zhang patiently and explicitly answered several questions raised by both professors and students. The audience appreciated Academician Zhang’s dedication and felt enlightened by the presentation.

After the seminar, Academician Zhang conducted a productive informal chat with  the faculty of School of Mathematics.


Translated by: Sun Yichen

Edited by : David Switzer  Zhang Boxin

Source : SUFE News